The Barrow Mansion is a critical part of of our community, and today we were able to clarify - in ways that have been elusive to the board in the recent past - what are the core values / Principles of the Barrow Mansion:


• Being a place of inclusivity, which suggests a leveling of distinctions and the social/cultural separations that naturally occur


• Being a place of empowerment, which suggests
being a place where we strive to help all to live into their fullest potential


• Being a place of leadership development, where we look to each person we encounter as one with unique gifts to share


• Being a place of service, where we turn ourselves to the needs of our community and our neighbors in need.

Empowerment: con vivo kid's show

service: hurricane sandy recovery

Inclusivity: segunda quimbamba

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core values of the Barrow


Photo: Andrew Scholtz

Photo: Andrew Scholtz

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